Couples Counselling at Netley Lodge

Falling in love is easy it’s staying in love that takes skill.

I support couples to move beyond conflict to connection and renewal in their relationship. Frustrations become requests and an opportunity for growth and healing.

Getting Started:

  • Please feel free to call, or message me for an initial chat to discuss how best we could work together.
  • Take a look at my declaration to check you are happy with my style of therapy and for a summary of my charges.
  • I like to speak to each of you on the phone before we first meet.In the main I work with couples and my fees reflect the time and energy I put into this area of my practice.
  • I will ask you to arrange times for each of the initial assessment sessions, 2 joint and 2 individual. The cost for the assessment in total is £312.
  • At the end of our first meeting you can decide if you want to continue with the full assessment.
  • Ongoing counselling is charged at £96 for a session that lasts for 80 minutes, these session reduce in frequency over time.

Couples with their relationship in Mind.

I will support you both to find ways to focus on your emotions, skill building for managing conflict, develop new skills for enhancing friendship, and help you create a system of shared meaning together.

Couples therapy offers time and space to help you identify and communicate your sense of purpose, and offer tools to help change patterns.

Couple counselling can move you to another level where frustrations become requests and an opportunity to grow and heal.

I will teach you how to overcome relationship barriers to connection, increase your competence as a couple and help you integrate a toolkit of evidenced-based interventions into your lives.

My therapy style is influenced by the work of John and Julie Gottman at “The Gottman Relationship Institute.”

John Gottman has completed 35 years of breakthrough study and is known for his work on relationship stability and divorce prediction, involving the study of emotions, physiology, and communication.

Julie Gottman is a clinical psychologist and educator. She is co-founder of the Institute where she teaches couples and advanced training workshops for relationship therapist.

Couple counselling can leave you feeling empowered to make lasting changes in your lives.

"Wonderings" last up-dated 2018