Counselling in Netley

for Individuals and Couples

FocusMind Counselling

I offer weekly sessions for couples and occasionally work with individuals whilst keeping the couple in mind.

My initial training was as a psychodynamic counsellor, a model of therapy that focuses on how the past affects the present and the relationship that develops in the counselling room.

Since my training I have immersed myself in the work of theorists who are involved in the study of the mind, brain and emotions.

More about these theorist can be found on my other site and on the Links page.

This study enables me to draw extensively from different theoretical approaches. I will take time during the process of counselling, to consider choices as to how we might work together.

My approach is based on the belief that long term change occurs through a growing awareness and understanding of who you are.

With an opportunity to be who you are in the counselling relationship, the therapeutic experience can transform your experience of yourself in the world.

My Approach to Counselling

Counselling and Therapy can be an exciting pathway to personal development and growth, helping you understand yourself and others better. We all have the resources to create change and view our problems differently.

Counselling for Couples

My therapeutic work with couples is influenced by the ongoing research of John Gottman. I will continue to develop my style of working with couples as up to date research informs this fulfilling area of my therapeutic work.

Couples often fight because of conflicts in what they want from each other. Whatever your issues counselling can help you both to move to resolution.

I will aim to help you see more clearly what your situation is and discover creative ways to resolve your problems.

I will work with you and help you move towards, a rewarding, richer and satisfying life.

Please follow the link to my page on counselling for couples.


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